Its beats and strikes, ticks and tocks,Imprisoned humanity with many locks. Each halt and every pause,Sentenced man to die of the unnatural cause. The ever-present commanding hands ——Chime the toll of the Mortal Ends.


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No He opened his mouth  But no word came out  He gasped for air like a drowning person  But all was futile  He was coughing blood and choking on blood and smearing blood and dying in blood He saw a shadow approaching, slowly, apprehensively, with a tint of remorse and moroseness He then succumbed to... Continue Reading →


Do you see The intersecting me? Every corner I encounter I turn and flee Forming shapes of V And even Z. Wondering in the ever twisting sea If you dare opening to doors to the other worlds I am the key. I command you to be on your knee Doesn't matter if your pronouns are... Continue Reading →


She accompanies me to dine, She is neither human nor divine.  She dances with me in the ball, She embraces me when I fall.  Anywhere I go she will follow —  My shadow.

Why Industrial Design?

The sense of beauty is rarely innate; it is often taught, or shaped over a period of time. What is art, what is beauty? Why do people yearn for elegant designs? As a person’s basic demands are met, one would start asking for more than just functionality-centric things and come to appreciate the beauty in... Continue Reading →

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